Quick Followup from Yesterday’s NSC Webinar

Just a couple of quick followup notes from yesterday’s National Skills Coalition webinar on immigration reform.

  • During my presentation, I mentioned that we expect new estimates of adult literacy rates in the U.S. in October of this year, based on findings from a new survey, called the Program for International Assessment of Adult Competencies, or PIAAC. More information on PIAAC here.)In addition, the National Coalition for Literacy will be conducting a webinar about PIAAC tomorrow (July 31st) at 3pm.
  • A questioner asked about how to locate adult ESOL programs. I believe she was looking for more than a directory of programs, but more specifically, how to find best practices related to ESOL instruction in her local community. That’s a bit tougher for me to answer at a distance. At any rate, I did mention that there have been efforts to create and maintain a national database of adult literacy programs. Here are the two that I know about that might be helpful:

America’s Literacy Directory
National Literacy Directory

  • Finally, I thought participants may  be interested in this new World Education immigrant integration project, funded by the Office of Vocational and Adult Education (OVAE) at the U.S. Department of Education, which will “develop and implement a theoretical framework for immigrant integration and provide technical assistance to five immigrant integration networks with a dual focus on accelerating key services and on network development.” More information here.