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Literacy & Policy serves as a forum to discuss issues related to adult, child, and family literacy policy in the U.S., with occasional forays into nonprofit law and philanthropy, economic policy, civil rights, criminal justice, poverty reduction, and related issues.

While the focus here is mainly adult literacy, the range of topics is broader, and purposely so. From Jeff Carter‘s original introduction:

I started [the site] because I couldn’t find another source that covered this range of issues—and the connections between them—the way I was interested in seeing it covered. And to do it in a conversational style that might appeal to the general reader, as well those adult literacy advocates interested in these issues but not in the form of lengthy reports or wonky policy papers. So I decided I’d give it a try myself and figure out if something like this could be done the way I imagined it.

The goal is to broaden the conversation about adult literacy policy beyond the traditional boundaries in which it is usually discussed (at least in the U.S.), especially its relationship to economic policy, civil rights, and poverty reduction. And also occasionally to challenge, when warranted, conventional wisdom and established orthodoxies in adult education policymaking; to give voice to those to those whose views are not often heard in adult education policy circles; and to encourage meaningful debate. And most importantly, to (try) not be boring.


Contributors here are volunteers, working without the benefit of professional editing or proofreading services. Typos and other errors inevitably show up in some posts. If an error is discovered, it gets corrected, and if the error is more substantive than a typo, we’ll note the correction.

Note also that posts may or may not reflect the views of the organizations that any contributors work for or with.

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