Free College for All Not Exactly Free College For All

This is a pretty good analysis of the bill recently passed by the Mississippi legislature that would pay community college tuition for Mississippi high school graduates who are not covered by other sources of financial aid. The basic problem is that while it sounds great, (free college for all), it doesn’t really target the people who need the help the most. Most important, I think, is the fact that “recent high school graduates” are actually a minority of the students served by such institutions—most are older adults.

But I also agree that despite the flaws, it’s probably a positive sign that ideas like this are on the table (Tennessee and Oregon have similar proposals in the works). How do we get adult learners into the mix?

2 thoughts on “Free College for All Not Exactly Free College For All

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  2. I also think the point in the article about possibly using extra funds to grow the number of counselors is worth considering. Because even if we can get adult learners registered and paid for somehow, w/out support once they are there, they get lost in the shuffle, and they don’t get any kind of degree or certificate because they do not know what to take. In SF, the community college is the size of a small city.

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