Changes to this Blog

Regular readers may have already noticed some small changes I’ve made to this site over the last week or two, as I’m beginning the process of transitioning this blog into something that’s more than just a personal diary for my own policy musings (and occasional Run DMC videos).

This site was originally just a place for me to post policy items that were more or less leftovers from other jobs. Later I started taking it more seriously and have been using it as a way to discipline myself to write regularly. I’m very gratified that over time the blog  has developed a decent-sized regular readership. For this reason, (and also because of some significant changes in my own professional life, which you can read about here), I’ve decided the time has come to see if we can take this blog to the next level, which means transitioning it from a personal blog to one that includes multiple contributors, and (hopefully) starts to evolve into a “real” digital publication and online community. In the process, I plan to cut back significantly on my own posting and move into more of an executive editor/publisher role, concentrating my time on recruiting and mentoring a cadre of contributors, and, over time, developing the resources to make the site self-sustaining.

I have no idea if this will actually work, although I do have confidence that it can work, and that I have the skills to make it happen. But it won’t get off the ground at all unless  I’m able to recruit strong contributors. Interested? Know someone who might be? Here’s an overview of the kind of contributors I’m looking for.