New Alert on English Amendments

A few posts ago I pulled out all the amendments related to English proficiency offered to the Senate immigration bill, and I’ve been focusing on the one that I think has the most liklihood of passage: the amendment submitted by Sen. Rubio discussed here.

Here’s a new one: Sen. Fischer (R-NE) has introduced what she is referring to as an  “assimilation amendment” that would require undocumented immigrants to demonstrate English language proficiency prior to even registering for provisional  status. In other words, an undocumented immigrant who could not demonstrate English proficiency would not be allowed to attain legal status of any kind at all. Here is the text of the amendment.

I think this has a low likelihood of passage, but that doesn’t mean, if you are concerned about it, that you shouldn’t contact your Senator. Helpfully, TESOL has just issued an alert on both the Rubio and Fischer amendments: