NCL Action Alert on the Rubio Amendment

If you have been reading this blog recently, you know that Sen. Marco Rubio (D-FL) has  introduced an amendment to the Senate immigration reform bill, S. 744, (a bill that he co-authored) that would require undocumented immigrants applying for legal residency to prove that they know English, civics and U.S. history at the level currently required only for those applying for full citizenship. The bill as reported out of committee requires either proof of proficiency at that level or documented evidence of satisfactory progress in a course of study that will eventually lead to that level of proficiency.

For those interested in asking their Senator to vote against the amendment, the National Coalition for Literacy (NCL) has posted this action alert. 

Hurry though: the Senate will begin voting on amendments tomorrow, and it is possible that Sen. Rubio’s amendment will be taken up as soon as then.