Adult Education in the President’s Proposed FY 2014 Budget

Just had time to take a quick look. More detail (lots more detail, in fact) here.

The short version: The Adult Basic and Literacy Education State Grant program under Title II of the Workforce Investment Act (WIA) was level funded once again at $594 million (including the usual $74.7 million set-aside for English Literacy/Civics Education. However, the President does propose a $3 million increase for Adult Education National Leadership Activities. This proposed increase would be used to “support the expansion of the Department’s reentry education model demonstration initiative” and “help develop evidence of effectiveness in a variety of institutional contexts and build on the Department’s recent Promoting Reentry Success through Continuity of Educational Opportunities competition.”

Of course, there are other federal programs of interest to adult education programs. The only one I’ve had a chance to look at so far is the Corporation for National and Community Service (CNCS). The President’s budget requests $1.061 billion for the CNCS and its programs, an increase of $12.2 million over the 2012 funding level.