Adult Education Apparently Not Dead Yet in Los Angeles, But Will Be Cut Significantly

Today’s Los Angeles Times reports that members of United Teachers Los Angeles have approved a one-year labor contract that will preserve more than 4,000 jobs in return for agreeing to a shortened school year and reduced pay.

According to The Times, “the agreement means that adult school enrollment will shrink by about a third, but will no longer face total elimination.”

The Times’ story is consistent with an earlier report published by The Los Angeles Daily News that the union had tentatively agreed to a deal that would “save the jobs of 4,700 educators and restore some Adult Education, preschool and English-learner programs that had been threatened with elimination.”

By the way, reducing adult education enrollment by a third, while obviously better than complete program elimination, would be significant—reducing the number served by 100,000 or more.

For those who have not been following this story, you can check links with the tag “LAUSD” for more details.