House Democrats Workforce Investment Act Reauthorization Bill – What’s in it for Adult Literacy?

Here is what they say it will do, anyway:

Developing a 21st Century Delivery System for Adult Education Literacy and Workplace Skills Services:

  • Expands access to adult education, literacy services, and workplace skills training.
  • Expands access to postsecondary education and credentials to achieve and maintain economic self-sufficiency for adult learners.
  • Supports integrated adult education and training.
  • Provides support for English-literacy services and integrated English-literacy and civics education programs for adult learners.
  • Authorizes increased investments in technology (such as online education) and digital literacy, providing needed training and education resources to rural and urban areas.
  • Enhances support for research on innovative methods and policies that help accelerate progress for basic skills students, improving the likelihood that they will receive postsecondary credentials.

The full text of the bill, announced by House Democrats and released today, is available here, via the National Skills Coalition.