The President’s Proposed FY 2013 Budget for Adult Education

Yesterday the President unveiled his budget proposal for fiscal year 2013. To no one’s surprise, the President proposed level funding for adult education. This doesn’t mean that this will be the actual federal budget for adult education in 2013—most people who follow the budget process agree that there is no chance the President’s proposed budget will be adopted by Congress. As Derek Thompson notes at The Atlantic, “[T]he vast majority of its provisions are dead-on-arrival.” Still, it’s a good sign that a reduction in adult education spending is not being proposed here. As we know from last year’s FY 2011 budget debate, Congress is likely to go along with almost any proposed reductions in non-military spending. (It’s also important to remember that there are other smaller sources of federal funding for adult education services in other parts of the budget, which I haven’t looked at yet.)

Anyway, for those who are interested, here is the section on adult education from the Department of Education’s summary document:

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