A Charter School Network in New Orleans Increases Parental Involvement – By Offering Adult Education

I was doing some research on charter schools and came across an adult literacy program that specifically targets the parents of children enrolled in a charter school network in New Orleans. According to the Web site of the New Beginnings School Foundation, the Capital One Foundation Adult Literacy Center of Greater New Orleans was set up to serve the “parents of the more than 1,400 students enrolled at Capital One-New Beginnings Charter School Network schools and the greater community served by its schools.”

What got my attention was the link that was being made here in this community between participating adult education and parental involvement in the schools, an issue I have written about recently. In a recent announcement, Dr. Vera Triplett, CEO of New Beginnings Charter School Network, says that “[t]he adult literacy program has helped to bring more parents into the schools,” where they “get to see what their children are doing everyday, and how hard the school is working to help them achieve academically.”