There’s Something at Stake for Adult Education and Training in the Republican Medicaid Proposal

Just wanted to alert folks that the Medicaid changes in the Republican health care bill H.R. 1628 – The American Health Care Act of 2017), which is scheduled for a vote in the House today, would let states impose a work requirement as a condition of Medicaid coverage. Robert Greenstein of CBPP notes that this might put low-income people in the position of having to choose between education and Medicaid  health coverage. Add of course, a state choosing to impose such requirements would have no obligation to provide training for these individuals:

The revised bill also would let any state impose work requirements on poor adults who aren’t elderly, disabled, or pregnant as a condition of Medicaid coverage — with only narrow exemptions.  Those affected could include a young adult who’s attending community college to gain skills he or she needs to succeed in the marketplace, a married mother who’s caring for an infant, or an adult who’s caring for an infirm or disabled parent rather than institutionalize the parent.  Work requirements also could be imposed on poor individuals who need treatment — for mental health issues or substance abuse — to get or hold a job.  And, states imposing work requirements wouldn’t have to provide job training or other employment services.  The requirement wouldn’t likely mean that many more people would find jobs; instead, its main effect would likely be to leave more people who are poor and vulnerable uninsured. (my emphasis)