House Democrat on Obama’s Immigration Strategy: “I Don’t Get What the Plan Is”

From an article in yesterday’s Politico:

[I]mmigration’s… a perfect example, Democrats say, of the problem with the White House’s approach to Congress. For all Obama’s insistence that he’s interested in trying to find a way through, they’re not getting the behind-the-scenes maneuvering or even centralized strategy that could help make that happen.

“They don’t have a war room. I don’t get what the plan is,” said one House Democrat who met recently with the president, expressing frustration with an approach that’s being seen within the Democratic caucus as hands-off to the point of apathy. “Be the quarterback, tell me the positions, give me the playbook. ‘Here’s how we’re going to score, here’s how we’re going to get a win.’”

The claim that Democrats (as in more than one) are frustrated with the President’s strategy on immigration reform is apparently based on a single, unnamed source, so take that for what it’s worth—but it’s interesting nonetheless, if only as a prompt for discussion. What should the White House be doing on immigration reform at this point?